We be Steady Bloggin

Turn down for nothing y’all.

#powercoupleWe both like writing, Blondie has shown her blogging prowess over the years and I think my anonymously-written mystery thrillers starring an undercover Dave Matthews and his side kick Bo Jackson are close to widespread publication- so here we are… we be bloggin.

IMG_0818Now please do not assume this is because we by any means think our life is worthy of being made into a coming-of-age cinematic masterpiece (we all know what assuming makes you) but worse stories have made big bucks in the box office… cough cough… Avatar…. So here we go!

Tighten up your boot straps, make sure your computer is sufficiently charged and you’ve got plenty of floss because this trucking, dental hygiene, skin-care-selling, Auburn-loving, paleo-trying, God-fearing Texas family is going public.






ps we have a golden shepherd puppy… what more could one want?



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