Trip of a Lifetime (pt. 1)

A few weeks ago, I (Jase) took the trip of a lifetime. Wellllll…. not the trip of a lifetime that can’t ever be replicated…… More like the kind that is a lifetime in the making.

Anyone who knows me even just a little bit knows that I LOVE the Dave Matthews Band but very few understand just why I love their music so much.

Since I was 15 I have gone to see Dave play at least once a year- always with my best friends from my high school days. Our group has been through a lot in the ten years we’ve known each other and even more has changed- but Dave has always brought me the peace of mind knowing that I have these guys in my corner….

The weekend was amazing. I flew out of Dallas at 9:30 (plus a nice two and a half hour delay) on Friday- which was disappointing- but I landed at just the right time to watch an eccentric woman get into a fist fight with her uber driver while trying to steal his cell phone… entertaining to say the least.

The boys picked me up after a short Atlanta rush hour delay and the weekend was on. It was a quick three-hour ride from Atlanta to Birmingham and it was the kind of drive that I’ll never forget. We caught up, we laughed and shared stories. Talked about the good ole days in high school when we thought we had real problems. The biggest “ah-ha” moment came when we started talking about our company’s 401k plans—- HOW OLD ARE WE —– was basically how that conversation ended. I seriously have the best friends. These guys genuinely care, they always have.

The beautiful Ramada was our palace for the night. This luxurious two-queen suite was a short walk from the Friday night show- it was perfect. The night started with a light tail gate in the Ramada parking lot. There was plenty of laughing, some bad dancing to our favorite Dave songs and the pre-show jitters were in full force.

Meet me a the hotel, motel Ramada inn. Meet me a the hotel, motel Ramada inn.

The walk over to the show was quick. One of us was struggling with a walking boot, but he was a real trooper about it. Before we knew it we were in our seats, eagerly awaiting for Dave to take the stage just as we had done each year since 2007.


The Birmingham set list was soooo good. This summer Dave has started opening for himself with an acoustic set. The same songs but no electric guitars, a stand up bass and some bongos even made an appearance.

After the acoustic set, Dave took a short break (letting us catch our breath) and then he really brought out the big guns.


The set was sooooo good. They started with a huge You Might Die Trying, threw in some oldies like Crash Into Me and the encore was spectacular.

Here’s what the set looked like:

Siiiicckkkk Siiiicckkkk

As the lights came on and the seats started to clear we just sat there: Five friends taking in another night that we would never forget. together. Sitting there I thought about all the nights we would stay up late sitting around the fire pit in my backyard, Dave blaring over the outdoor speakers. Just talking. It seems like so long ago.

As we made our way out of the amphitheater we headed for the Ramada- but what would a night at Dave be without some WHATABURGER??? Oh man it was such a blast, in our Hawaiian shirts dancing and yelling, definitely making somewhat of a scene.

Finally, home sweet home to the ramada- ready to meet up with the rest of the gang and show Hotlanta how to celebrate a Dave show.

-to be continued-


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