having a puppy is literally the greatest. aside from my Jesus & Jase, our golden shepherd puppy is quite possibly the sweetest puppy you’ve ever met + the most gorgeous puppy you’ve ever laid eyes on.

here she is….her bloggin’ debut.

would you like to know all her stats? because you can guarantee that i’ve got them!


born: December 10, 2013
We brought her home: February 2, 2014
7 weeks old: 11 lbs
11 weeks: 21.2 lbs
21 weeks: 40 lbs
still weighed 40 lbs on July 1st due to a little belly sickness from eating the trash.
currently working on trying to get her weight up.

Summer-FebApril14 Summer-May-July


puppies are life changing. in all the best ways possible.
jase + i have had countless discussion about how Summer has taught us about parenting. puppy parenting, of course! 🙂

one of the biggest things I struggle with her is that I want her to play, run around, & be adventurous within the boundary of protection (and respect to the fellow dog owners). That boundary is sometimes a fine line hard for me to detect. We live in a dog friendly apartment complex, but we are asked to keep them on the leash until they are in the designated gated area. For the most part, Summer’s never on the leash with me. I want her to have some puppy freedom, but my heart always sinks when she doesn’t obey me when I call her or give her a command.

Exhibit A: Summer jumped on a lady and her special needs dog (~60 lbs). Doesn’t sound too bad since I have the sweetest, most friendly, & lovable pup… but it was bad…
this woman has very, VERY strict boundaries with her dog and her dog is never off the leash, never socializes, and gets about 5-10 minutes outside per visit. therefore, this lady is probably still fuming mad at me and I’m already nervous to run into her again.

all that being said, I took the complete blame about the situation because I knew better, Summer should have been on the leash. i want her to run, jump, & explore… when she’s safe. Reminds me of God’s protection of us, which may or may not be an extremely obvious correlation 🙂

As deeply as I want Summer to experience all the joys of being a crazy adventurous puppy, I want nothing more than for her to obey me and allow me to guide her to that joy. Her sight and understanding is limited and mine is much greater. My heart literally does a flip inside my chest when she listens + obeys me because I know it’s what’s best for her (i.e.: not running out into the street, not eating a dead frog). If I feel this way about my 7 month old puppy, I cannot begin to fathom the deep love the Father has for us, the way He desires our greatest joy, & His patience in our learning to trust and obey Him.

[Matthew 7:9-11]

puppy lesson(s) of the day: 
must care more about her protection than her playing.
must remember she’s just a puppy & is still learning to obey.
must use the shock collar next time.

can’t wait to share more soon about our #Summatime adventures.


with Hope,


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