why haven’t you started workin with us?

Y’all – why haven’t you started working with us? We don’t bite I promise!

The Blonde One and I have embarked on a crazy adventure called Rodan and Fields. We started this back in January of 2014 (which feels like a lifetime ago) and it is going really well!

As you read I hope you understand our reasons for joining RF and for loving it. I also pray that you examine your own heart to get past the inkling that is inside each and everyone of you saying, “it’s an internet business, therefore it is a scam”

I don’t write to pressure you into joining the team: I do write to let you know of an opportunity that I genuinely feel could benefit your life- something I hope all of my friends bring to my attention when they have the chance.

Recently in our Foundation Group at Watermark Church we have been discussing our finances (AHHH) and we have realized it is one of the most private/intimate/scary things to talk about in a group. But what we have also come to know is that if we do not share our financial side with our community, can we ever truly say that we are 100% open with each other? The answer is no.

So, all that to be said: I am going to lay out financially how RF has impacted our life over the last year.

As each person’s investment of time and resources will be different, I have decided to use generalities to show how much we have made- instead of using exact dollar amounts. I do not want anyone to use my words as a “you promised I would make X or Y”

*** this is Jase writing, therefore I will not be discussing the benefits of the products themselves, just the business associated with being a consultant– any product benefit questions please direct to callynroberts21@gmail.com***


January 2014: Initial investment

Total: $695 Starter’s Kit – Includes some products, resources to help get started and initial access to the online homepage for your business- as a person on the internet a bunch I have been pleasantly surprised by how well the system runs and how easy it has been for Blondie (less tech savy) to operate.

Following the initial investment:

There is a monthly fee of $30 for the website / access to marketing materials and you are required to place an order of $80 minimum worth of products each month.

$110 * 12 = $1320

+ investment of $695 = $2015


Now… Time to get paid.

Here’s the gist. WE are the sales team of our own business. When we find a customer interested in purchasing products, we direct them to our website or via phone to place an order that can vary in price depending on quantity and type:

RETAIL is just what it sounds like: straight retail pricing and standard payment for shipping

Retail Commission: you get paid the difference between retail price and what you pay for it: as a consultant you get 25% off- therefore you make 25% off each Retail Sale

PREFERRED CUSTOMERS receive 10% off and free shipping- a one-time payment of $20 gets you to PC level

PC Commission- this can get confusing, so buckle up chuck

Basically you get paid the spread between Consultant’s Cost and PC cost plus a 15% commission off the Consultant’s cost.



$160 Retail Price

$144 Cost for PC

$120 Consultant’s Cost

Commission: Spread from PC – CC = $24

Plus 15% of Consultant’s Cost= $18

Total Gross Profit= $42 …. on a $144 sale that is almost 30% commission

Based on this scenario, if you have three PCs buy 1 regimen a month, you cover your cost and get some pretty good products.

In addition to commission off of sales, if we recruit members of our team, we make percentages off of what they sell and who they recruit (PYRAMID SCHEME, RUNNNN)

In 2014 we made enough to cover 14 months worth of my car payment. On average, we spend 10-12 hours a week on RF ( NET profit. Not Gross.)

We would love to talk to you more about the business. We love it. Truly. Not just Cal.

As a husband it has been amazing for me to watch Cal set goals, work hard to achieve them and work her butt of to help contribute to our family. It is such a blessing to work through strategies and planning with her on something she is so passionate about.

Please contact us with any follow up questions. Again, I just wanted to share something that I thought Jase in December of 2013 would have wanted to hear — bare bone facts about what it costs to do this and what you can expect to make. No fluff. No “YOU CAN EARN A LEXUS IN A YEAR” (even though we do know people who have earned their Lex-i) and I wanted to show you that we are dedicated to this, we are committed to being good team leaders and making sure all our potential team members are well informed.



We love you and we are always praying for you.






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