New Job for JPR!

Today was my first at my new job as a Credit Analyst for Freedom Truck Finance!

Never thought I would leave MHC Kenworth… but when God continues moving your heart you have to eventually listen right???

God put Freedom on our hearts a few different ways: Blondie cleaned the company’s Managing Director’s teeth and naturally “OH MY GOSH MY HUSBAND WORKS IN THE TRUCKING INDUSTRY AS WELL” came up

Then, around the same time we started a class called Tapestry at Watermark. The class is designed to educated couples/singles about Adoption and Foster Care. WE LOVED IT. (should probably have a post recapping how it affected us… maybe Blondie can pen that for us soon) any who, the teacher of the class just so happened to be Freedom’s Executive Vice President of Operations.

So after initially meeting and prayerfully considering all of our options, both sides came to an agreement a few weeks ago.

It was incredibly difficult for me to put in notice at MHC- the company has been so good to me since I started there following graduation. I honestly never thought I would leave them. They have been better than I ever expected through both good and hard times…. but I felt it was a good time to make a respectful split and see what else God had in store for me!

Would have been so much easier to quit a place that I hated… but that wasn’t the case!

So here I am.. a Credit Analyst now: working in Dallas, with no plans of us leaving the Lonestar State any time soon. I am incredibly excited and cannot wait to see what He has planned for us!

Summergirl loves that I leave for work a little later….. Means time for morning fun!

Prayers appreciated! We love you all!



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