2016- Colossians 3:17

Hello Friends! Happy 2016 to you!

This year is going to be HUGE for the Roberts clan. Baby Taves due in a few weeks, Blondie on Maternity leave for a few months, a growing R+F home business and many many more fun things are happening.

Everyone wants to talk about resolutions this time of year. Some have asked us what ours is. I think Todd < @wordsfromwags > said it best on Sunday when he told us not to worry about your YEAR resolution. Worry about today. Just Today. < Matthew 6:34 >

So our resolution today and everyday this year is this- To live in a way as a family that brings glory to Christ Jesus and points others to Him. 

We believe that if this is our goal everyday, whether it’s the day Taves is born or the day Blondie goes back to work or when there is a tough deadline at work, the day cars both have a nail in a tire, someone we know gets sick, someone leaves to go meet the Lord.… no matter the circumstance if we make it our goal to live in a way that leads others to Christ, it will be the most successful year of our lives. 

In order to do this we will need to be constantly in the Word. @Watermarkchurch has some great tools that we are excited to use and share with you this year. One of these is called Join the Journey < jointhejourney.com > PLEASE join us in reading God’s Word every day, ask us how we are keeping up, ask us questions! So that we may push toward our goal of living for Christ everyday. We need your help.

Please consider your resolution. Think about 2015, are you closer to God or further away than in 2014? What are you going to do about it? We would love to talk to you about it.

Please keep us in your prayers! These next 52 weeks are going to be a whirlwind!




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