Six months.



Photo 1: the antibiotics were being delivered into his hands

Photo 2: 6 month check up with our fantastic pediatrician


Six months exactly. Today is even a Saturday, just like the day that Taves arrived.

This time six months ago, Jase & I were running errands and playing with Summer girl. We went to The Sam’s Club, which we love, to perhaps walk the baby out & try some yummy samples 😉 Little did we know, we’d be checking into the hospital around 2:00 PM asking the nurses and residents if my water had broken. I was experiencing no other signs of labor whatsoever, just a self diagnosis that my water was slowly leaking.

When you are 4 days past your due date and you’re carrying a big baby, the unknown of how much amniotic fluid the baby has will quickly send you to your knees before Jesus. After hours of chit chatting with the nurses and the residents completing three tests, one phone call from my OB confirmed that we were having a baby!

By the grace and mercy of Jesus, our delivery was a first time mama’s dream. Taves arrived at 11:28 PM on Saturday February 6th. Our little gift from God made his debut and it was a massive explosion of fireworks inside my heart, soul & mind. The beautiful way God designed marriage and family simply brings me to tears. Knowing that God knew before the creation of time what DNA Taves would have, what type of blood would be coursing through his body, the exact sound he would make when he cries. I just can’t even handle it.

His 2nd-4th day of life were a blur, yet vividly etched into my mind for eternity. At 6:00 AM on the day we were to be discharged, a nurse came in and calmly told us per the pediatrician, Taves was being taken for IV antibiotics. His blood work had come back with a very serious bacteria and IV antibiotics 2x/day were imperative.  The pediatrician called us while we were in the nursery with him and we learned more information when the doctors made their rounds later that morning. Over the next few days, we saw the hands and feet of Jesus work in beautiful ways in our lives. Family rallied around us, friends stopped by before going to work with coffee in hand, and the nurses at the hospital went above and beyond to make us feel cared for.

As part of his diagnosis, they drew more blood, let that blood culture grow for 48 hours, and the culture came back negative. The tears just couldn’t stop streaming from my face as our prayers had been answered. God has granted us our request and Taves’ life has been spared. God knew. From the beginning of time, God knew. God knew that Taves’ first blood culture would be contaminated and that his second blood culture would be clear. That ultimately his body was never sick.

Our hearts, minds, attitudes, and outlook on his life were changed the moment the nurse took him from us. My empathy of the battles other families face grew immensely. My gratitude for the skilled pediatrician, neonatologist, nurses, and OB/GYN cannot even be measured on the charts.

My trust in the Rock, our firm foundation.
My Hope in God’s plan for his life.
The reminder that Taves is not ultimately mine.
The peace I find in knowing that God is holding us in the palm of His hand.
The desperation I feel to make every moment count with Taves and Jase.

Much reflection of our miscarriage has taught me many things about my sinfulness and God’s sovereignty. God has softly spoken to my heart about how His pure, unrelenting, unconditional love for my children is greater than I can fathom. God gently reminds me that my love for Taves is only going to grow and along with that will be my desire to control. I pray often that my fear of the unknown will not impact the way I parent my baby boy.

Second to being a disciple of Christ, this is the greatest calling of my life.
I do not take being his mama lightly. How could I? This perfectly healthy 6 month old little angel baby is God’s gift to me and Jase. This little soul is ours to shepherd, nurture, love, and point toward Jesus. His life is ours to teach, mold, and shape to be a man of God.

We are daily humbled to be his parents
We are not afraid to admit we need prayers as we raise him, we want to give him the world and shape him to be a world changer. Please pray with us.

We celebrate six joyful and unforgettable months with our little love.


“You turned my wailing into dancing;
you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent.
Lord my God, I will praise you forever.” – Psalm 30:11-12



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