I feel like my whole entire life recently revolves around the words “I can’t believe it”

I can’t believe Taves is 8 months old.
I can’t believe the holidays are approaching.
I can’t believe the Texas State Fair is going on.
I can’t believe we fly to Hilton Head, SC next week for Matt + Melissa’s wedding.
I can’t believe we move into our new house this weekend.
I can’t believe it doesn’t feel like 100 degrees in Dallas.
so many good things and gosh darn it, I just can’t believe it’s all happening!

I honestly get annoyed at myself and I desperately need to broaden the way I express my feelings!

But this is literally something that I just cannot even believe has come so quickly…
today marks SIX YEARS since Ali and I flew from Dallas to Montgomery to visit Auburn, Alabama!

Six years ago, I had no idea that stepping off that plane in Montgomery, Alabama would be the best decision I ever made. Many trips back and forth from Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Georgia led us to where we are today. I wouldn’t trade that wild + crazy weekend in Auburn for anything.

As difficult as a long distance relationship was, it taught us (forced us), to communicate well.

By the grace of God, Jase and I don’t fight often. It definitely is not because we’re awesome or because we’ve got it all figured out, although Jase is quite laid back so I will give him some credit there. It’s because we try our best to listen to one another as they speak, fight for each other (not against), put one another first, and love one another as Christ calls us to. It’s not always easy and I will be the first to admit that often I am not very good at it, but it’s worth it.

We daily strive to be on the same team. To let God lead our lives + marriage. To let the little things go.  To look one another in the eye & make them feel seen. To remember that our friendship is fundamental to our marriage.

I pray that over the next six years that Taves is able to see a mama & dada who love Jesus, love one another, and love God’s people.

Thankful for how 10.14.10 changed my life.

[we don’t really take photos together anymore, just solo shots of Taves – ha!]


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