12.27.16- Using Christmas vacation to prepare to be Godly parents in 2017

#RobertsForever family is in the mountains for Christmas break- praying this time of RR prepares us to lead Taves well in the coming year. 

What we’re learning:

– As a parent we need to be the extension cord/surge protector. Things that are plugged into us: job, parent, spouse, friend, sibling… can’t pass anything into those things if WE aren’t plugged into the wall (Jesus).

– You cannot give away what you do not possess. We need to try to fill ourselves EVERY DAY- read the bible, listen to a message- do something to become a little more equipped as a parent

– we want our kids to try to be like us? That means they’re going to try to be who we are trying to be like… who are we trying to be like?


This past year has been filled with highs and lows. In WM’s Christmas message this year Todd asked us to talk about what “stumps” have turned into a fruit-producing vine. We have many things to be thankful for in 2016 that at one point seemed like a “stump”. 

– Community Group


-House hunt

-Nephew Wes born!

-Friends in community having babies!

– Many many more!

Please be praying that we can use this time to prepare for the coming year and to embrace time with family as the blessing it is. Looking forward to a big 2017!


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