1.3.17 – Should I?

Ceremony TreeEveryday we make decisions both big and small. Some we don’t even have to think about (should I brush my teeth) while others weigh heavy on us for months and months (which job offer should I take?).

Our house hunt was very much a “weighing” decision. Jase lost sleep. Whole family was stressed, we’re sure friends were tired of hearing about this floor plan and that neighborhood. It was tough.

Thankfully we can no look back and praise God for his soverignty and control over the whole situation. He was with us every step of the way. He didn’t allow our offers to get accepted on houses that weren’t meant for us. He allowed other families to buy houses before us because that was His plan.

We have close friends wrestling with the same kind of decision making process right now. So tonight we listened to an old message from Watermark called “Should I”. we want to be a family that does not give advice from what we think or feel or from our previous experience. We want to be informed by scripture.
“I think” should be replaced with “the Bible says”.
This message is a great reminder of where/how to find God’s plan and desires for us. How He wants us to make decisions. We were super encouraged by Blake’s word tonight and we hope it helps you too! How cool is the book of Proverbs?

Please pray for us to help give godly advice and for our friends as they process some big decisions coming their way!

In Him,



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