Acute Care

Looking for an alternative to injectible fillers?? Look no further! The technology behind this revolutionary product is patented, which means no one else can use this specific technology for years. It is proprietary to us!! No needles or appointments needed to get great results! Consider the 11’s between your brow, or parenthesis around your mouth. These expression lines are there whether you are making the expression or not!

Acute Care works over the course of about 4 weeks to visibly reduce the appearance of those expression lines without causing you to lose your expression. When used with our Redefine Amp MD roller and regimen results can be seen for up to 16-20 weeks!

Using proprietary Liquid Cone Technology, ACUTE CARE quickly and comfortably fills targeted lines and wrinkles while you sleep. Each patch holds over 100 liquid “cones” that contain hyaluronic acid (an essential ingredient in our skin that decreases as we age) and line defying peptides. Until now, the only way to re-introduce hyaluronic acid and this long-chain peptide back into the skin was with injections. Not anymore! Our doctors have figured out away to get it back in your skin with NO INVASIVE PROCEDURES! You simply put a patch on your wrinkle, go to sleep, and wake up to results!!

CLICK HERE: Dr. Rodan + Dr. Fields discuss Acute Care

CLICK HERE: How to use Acute Care by Nurse Mary



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